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Discord's Apple Published by:Tor Books
Released:22 June 2021
ISBN: 9780358346289
Note: Clicking the cover takes you to that book at the Tattered Cover bookstore in Denver. Please shop your local independent bookstore whenever possible.

Dr. Adrienne Cox, Addie, is a literature professor living a happy and sheltered life in her ivory tower when Harris Lang, billionaire tech genius, hires her to guide a mercenary strike team to his island paradise off the northwest coast of the United States. Cox is puzzled by their need for her, until she understands what Lang has built. On this distant outpost, he has created an enclave full of fantasy literature and culture made real, with magic rings that work via neurotransmitters, invisible cloaks made of nanotech smart fabric, and mythological creatures built from genetic engineering and bionics.

Unfortunately for Lang, the designers and engineers hired to construct this island retreat have rebelled, isolating themselves. They set up a jamming field that disrupted communication, and they are preventing any approach to the island by attacking people who come in range. Lang wants to retake control before the U.S. military intervenes. The problem? The mutiny is being led by the project’s chief designer, Dominic Brand, who also happens to be Addie Cox’s ex-boyfriend. It’s up to her to quell the brewing tensions between the tech genius, armed mercenaries, and her former lover before the island goes up in flames, killing them all.