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Where Will Carrie Be Next?

Told that writers tend to drink heavily, Carrie gets an early start.

For the most current information, please check my online journal.


Planned appearances in 2015:

January 12, I'm doing an event at the Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe, NM. This is the theater George R.R. Martin owns. There'll be a book signing, and it should be a fun evening.

January 18, 3pm: Signing at Who Else! Books at the Broadway Book Mall.

February 7-8, is HowlCon in Vancouver, WA (near Portland!). This is an entirely werewolf themed convention, and should be a howling good time.

I'm working on setting up a book signing in the area, so stay tuned for when I get those details hammered out.

February 13-15, I'm heading to the east coast! I'll be at Boskone that weekend.

I'm working on setting up a signing in Boston -- it should be February 12, I'll announce the location when I get a confirmation.

March 27-29, I'm confirmed for AnomalyCon, Denver's own steampunk convention.

April 4, I'm taking part in the Mountain of Authors event with the Pikes Peak Library District in Colorado Springs.

Who Else! Books at the Broadway Book Mall may still have some signed books available. They'll also take orders. Phone: 303-744-BOOK (2665).

Appearance in Print:

Click here to order the Urban Fantasy issue of Locus which includes an essay by Carrie.


Appearances online:

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