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The Kitty Norville Series

"Vaughn's universe is convincing and imaginative"
--Publishers Weekly

"Fun, fast-paced adventure for fans of supernatural mysteries."

"Debut author Vaughn's clever new take on the supernatural is edgy and irreverent."
--Romantic Times

The series about a werewolf named Kitty who hosts a talk radio advice show for the supernaturally disadvantaged has twelve books and counting...

What's next for Kitty? Low Midnight, a novel starring ex-con bounty hunter Cormac Bennett, will be out in 2014!

Read the first chapter of Kitty in the Underworld here! Or for an extra special treat, click here to download the publisher's PDF of the first chapter exactly as you'll see it in the book.

Read the first chapter from Kitty Steals the Show, released July 2012

Read the first chapter Kitty's Big Trouble, released June 2011.

Read the story that started it all! Kitty's very first adventure from Weird Tales #324: "Dr. Kitty Solves All Your Love Problems"

Clicking the covers takes you to that book at the Tattered Cover bookstore in Denver. Please shop your local independent bookstore whenever possible.


Short Story Collection


Chronology, including novels and short stories